Full Length Gong Bath with Paiste Gongs, by Martyn Cawthorne of Gong Spa (headphones recommended)

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A full length Gong Bath with a selection of Paiste Gongs played by Martyn Cawthorne of Gong Spa (headphones recommended). The spoken words at the beginning are there to settle you in, and also to give you helpful information that you may find useful during the Gong Bath. The spoken section concludes at 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The gongs include all the Paiste Bronze Gongs (no.s 0,1,2,4,6,8 & 9), two Paiste Symphonic Gongs (36" and 38") and Paiste's Mercury, Saturn and Neptune Planet Gongs. CDs and downloads available from https://gongspa.co.uk/shop/ Find my regular event listings (mostly in Manchester and Cheshire, UK) at www.gongspa.co.uk Big thanks to Korg UK for the loan of a few of the gongs to make this video series possible. Huge thank you Jan Koblanski, Kyle Martin Clarke, Brad Ingham and Mike Donnery for helping to make the video series. Massive thank you to Freddy Khattab, Circle of Life, Former St. John the Evangelist, Bacup. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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