Symbols of Hera

12439525457?profile=RESIZE_710xHera is associated with several powerful symbols that reflect her Godly nature and domain. Among these, there are few that stand out the most:Peacock FeatherThe peacock feather stands out as a symbol of her all-seeing wisdom and vigilance. The eye-like patterns on the feathers represent Hera’s ever watchful gaze over the world. A reminder of her omniscience and her protective yet sometimes vengeful nature. Here’s chariot was also pulled by peacocks in Hellenistic imagery.The CowThe Cow is revered in many cultures for its maternal and nurturing qualities. In Hindu culture the Cow is symbolic of a mother and nurturing. It is the same in Greek mythology. The cow in this ancient culture is a nod to Hera’s role as a mother and protector of women. It symbolizes her connection to fertility and femininity too.The Cuckoo Bird The cuckoo bird also holds symbolic value, harking back to the tale of Zeus transforming into a cuckoo to win Hera’s affection. This symbolizes Hera’s role in the cycle of the seasons and her association with marital fidelity.The Diadem (Polos) and Sceptre The diadem (often depicted as a Polos crown) and sceptre are regal symbols of Hera’s authority and status as the queen of the gods. The diadem signifies her sovereignty, position as Queen of the Gods, and her dignity. The sceptre completes this particular symbolism, representing Hera’s power and rule over Mount Olympus and the heavens.Lily Flower The lily flower is associated with Hera in her nurturing of Heracles. Like the cow, the lily symbolizes motherhood and rebirth but also symbolizes purity. It is another nod to Hera’s role as a maternal figure and a guardian of life’s cycles.Facts about Hera, Queen of the Olympian GodsHera was Queen of the OLYMPIAN GODS.She was the wife and SISTER OF ZEUS.Hera was a jealous wife, and she fought with Zeus frequently over his extramarital affairs and illegitimate CHILDREN. For this reason, Hera was known for punishing offending husbands.She was the protector of women, presiding over marriages and births.She had three (or Four) CHILDREN WITH ZEUS – HEBE, ARES, and Eileithyia. Also Hephaestus by some accounts.While Hera was worshipped in all parts of Greece, temples were erected in her honor at Argos and Salmos.The peacock was sacred to her.Hera had few, if any, redeeming qualities. She never forgot an injury.The Titans Ocean and TETHYS brought her up.Hera is often described as “cow-faced,” although she was also called the chief among the immortals in beauty.Though she may have been physically attractive, her vindictive personality makes her less so.The TROJAN WAR would have ended in peace, but Hera had a vested interest in its outcome and influenced Zeus to either switch sides or remain neutral.Hera had no concept of justice when angry or jealous; she could not forgive the women with whom Zeus had sexual relations—even if they were innocent of wrongdoing.Ilithyia, a daughter of Hera’s, assisted women in childbirth.In the story of the Quest of THE GOLDEN FLEECE, Hera was a gracious protector of the heroes.Paris awarded Aphrodite the Golden Apple over ATHENA and Hera.Hera punished one of Zeus’s love interests, Io, by putting her in the charge of Argus. Argus had a hundred eyes and kept vigilant watch over her so that Zeus could not come to her aid.Hera turned Callisto into a bear because Zeus fell in love with her.Hera arranged the death of SEMELE, another of Zeus’s mortal conquests, although she did not directly cause it.Hera never forgave HERCULES for being ZEUS’S SON, but when Hercules died and was taken to heaven, he and Hera reconciled. While in heaven, Hercules married Hera’s daughter Hebe.In some stories, it was at Hera’s orders that DIONYSUS was torn to pieces. He was brought back to life, and it is this resurrection that was celebrated in theatres.

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