Please don't scare me or hurt me, Just let me live..



"A lot of you despise me,
And I don't understand why.
I am not ugly or deserving of your hate.
I survive every day on the streets,
That used to be meadows.
There are no tasty seeds,
Because you turned trees into buildings.
I eat what you throw on the ground,
Because I have no choice.
Water is harder and harder to find.
Do you know what it takes to survive in a world that is not mine anymore?
Please don't scare me or hurt me,
Just let me live -
Live in your world that was once mine.."

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  • Ahhh this is so sad, but so true at the same time, poor wee things are just living but people hate them so much,I loVe them..I rescued so many of them from babies kicked out their nest in my neighbours palm tree, which is so cruel of mothers but natures way, only the strongest survive, but I've given a few a helping hand and released them, but one had a broken leg,sadly he cant be returned to the wild as the other pigeons will just attack him,since hes now domesticated..but I love him just for being himself, even if he has a bunged up foot..

    These pics are of the ones I've raised from babies that got kicked out their nests & then now released,as they were young & healthy..they went back to the palm tree..







    This is the one I sadly cant release with a broken foot,he cant put down see that broken bulbous foot,plus he was already grown,now hes domesticated..




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