Is an inevitable part of our life.

We know it will come around
and we know the day will hurt
but we are not prepared,
never prepared
for the tearing.

The tearing of a part of our soul
from its very seams
stitches pulled asunder
heart wrenched in half
soul split in two.

But that tearing is not what you may think
it is it is not her leaving you

it is the loss of her physical form
which you have been so very used and attached to.

And now she must remove that part
for it no longer serves you
and you no longer need it
despite what you may think.

Because she made you well
and she built all of her love into you
cell by cell
thought by thought
lesson by lesson.

And the split that you feel
is simply the new the new way
you will carry on your love
for your mother
with your mother
just in a different way

for she did not leave
mother’s cannot leave

they are in you
look inside
she’s there
and that is unable to be taken now
that is all yours to keep

for evermore.


Donna Ashworth
From ‘LOSS’:

Art by Avigail Sapir Art

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