Every time I promise myself that I will work on people not controlling my actions, I always end up being looked at as if Im making a scene to someone,...ok I'm forthright so what's new..& whats wrong with it!..

This particular time I'm about to express it wasn't my fault, all I wanted was a sandwich, a nice sandwich a cup of coffee and perhaps a spot near a window where I could idly watch the traffic go by as I browsed through the newspaper and licking cream cheese from my fingers before having to head back to work, I've been working damn hard these days so I deserved that at least....but apparently the Ghods were not on my side this particular day again.
This happened a while back now see, but I still think its worth talking about today all the same,..

it started like this...

I got in line in a cafe behind a middle aged woman who was barking orders at the poor counter girl like she was a dumb misbehaving dog.
Madam Nasty was ordering multiple sandwiches from a list, but instead of ordering them in such a way that would make sense, she was attempting to order them all at the same time.
The sandwich Girl was obviously confused and you could tell by her shaking hands on the cash register punching the order in that Madam Nasty s harsh tone was intimidating her.

Finally Madam Nasty snapped looking at the display screen on her side "I said light butter on that wholemeal! Light Butter! God Jesus will you listen to me!"
I couldn't stand it any more, as the word 'JESUS' and 'GOD' put together like that just got up my nose hairs.. anyway I cut in, "you don't have to be such a drama queen & bitch about it, have some respect will you woman, shes a trainee after all & not your damn slave"

Madam Nasty glared daggers at me and started saying... "I'm not",... Well "I beg to differ" I replied fast before she could finish, and glared back at her in the same manner shed given me.

With a disgusted 'Hmm' Madam Nasty went back to her overly complicated order,
but she did so quietly and even managed to begrudge the poor girl a 'Thank you' after she was finished.


Michael O'Leary quote: People say the customer is always right, but you  know...

I have a theory about ass-soul customers myself, I think they only act that way because no one ever calls them on their BS, its like this with most things these days, people are so fast to jump down peoples throats without sussing the whole picture of whats going on first..

The poor kids behind the counter cant stand up for themselves lest they fear losing their jobs and other patrons look the other way claiming 'its none of my business'.
Stuff that!, ...when I see some self important Ass-soul verbally degrading a teenage trainee kid with dead eyes behind a counter it ruins my day.
So I'll say something.. besides, I feel that if I stay silent I am almost giving an abuser permission to act like a raging ass-soul ignoring their behavior suggests to them on some sick level that what they're doing is OK,when its not Ok..

The phrase 'The Customer is always right' is the single worst philosophy that has ever been adopted by commercial business culture. It gave an entire generation of people the green light to be as impolite, unreasonable and demanding as their little hearts desired, because they were always obsolete.
People began to treat their peers in the service industry like incompetent morons,lacking in feelings or human dignity who deserved to be browbeaten and abused for no other reason than they had the audacity to run out of a certain brand of coffee.
Furthermore,instead of suffering negative repercussions for their appalling disrespectful behavior they are awarded with free coupons and plenty of butt kissing. In reality they should be shunned and humiliated for behaving like such absorbed little children.
Speaking of respect another idea that has ruined culture in general is the one that states "I don't give respect freely" ...You have to earn my respect 'This one is most often uttered by punk kids with bad attitudes and black fingernail polish.
Friggin gag me!!,...I mean, how egotistical does one have to be to automatically assume that their respect is so important that one must jump through multiple hoops in order to earn it?

How about we give people respect because they are humans with lives and feelings just as important as our own?

Why not we give people a default level of respect and more or less either be won or lost based on the behavior of the individual?..

The loss of respect is something that should be based on actions, the idea that one must win basic respect in the first place is incredibly belittling, how narcissistic can you be to embrace that ideology? Think your above anyone else,claim to be a god, goddess or what ever!..think again..

Also a while ago my mate Kreg and I went out to breakfast at a local Coffee
Caf'e, after a while we were finally seated and our server was not only very busy but also a new employee according to her 'Hi I'm new here' name tag, I'd like to add that everyone in her section was very understanding, the place was a madhouse and she was obviously out of her depth element.
I wish I could say that the patrons in that Caf'e were mannerly polite and treated her with even an ounce of dignity and consideration....But if I did, I'd be lying through my teeth.
Nearly everyone yelled at her or condescended to her like she was a stupid little child poor girl.
One guy ordered a side of wedges and verbally abused the poor girl when she brought him French fries, had he looked at the menu a little closer he would have seen that 'wedges' weren't even listed let alone stocked.

This particular caf'e only served French fries or hash browns take your pick.
Her mistake was understandable and he was basically yelling at her because she didn't read his mind accurately enough.
But lets all forget about that for just a moment. instead I want to point out that there are a multitude of things that can go wrong in one's life. Death illness,and poverty just to name a few,yet here I was watching a grown man lose his cool because he was going to have to wait 5 minutes for a side of hash browns FFS.
suddenly I lost my appetite.
At this point the angry little man demanded to speak to a manager and a now towering corporate whore scuffled over with free coupons and many apologies.
The angry man furiously demanded that his waitress be fired right that instant on the spot.

My head buzzed - Over hash browns! Kreg was looking at me with a 'What the fcuk look on his face and said 'Why is that dude yelling?, what a selfish prick'
I couldn't take it anymore, I leaned over and interrupted & spoke to the manager - "When you're finished talking to this man, I'd like to speak to you, I have the same server"

The angry man smiled smugly, no doubt convinced that I was going to back him up on his quest to get a new girl fired because he had to wait 5 friggin minutes.

The manager finished with him and moped over to my table obviously thinking shes ready for her second tongue lashing of the day.
I surprised her by loudly saying so everyone else there heard me  "Yes thanks for coming over I just want you to know, that our server is doing the best that she can.
She's been trying very hard and has been very sweet to both of us even though that complete twat you just handed coupons to treated her so poorly".

The Manager suddenly looked panicked and startled shooting terrified looks at the table that just finished reaming her out...."I know" she whispered fearfully "Don t worry I'm not going to fire her".
And while I was pleased to learn that this particular manager wasn't going to fire the new girl based on the whim of some idiotic moronic piece of pond scum.
I was disappointed that she rewarded the said pond scum's temper tantrum with free food.
I'm sure they want to, but that ridiculous policy "The Customer is always right" silences them.
So until we banish that phrase from Commercial Business culture forever,
I suggest we quit looking the other way when people behave like scumbags.
I'm on the rampage for a WAR on these Ass- souls in this Society,cos I'm Pissed Off with them, there is no need for so much negativity in society these days of this nature, for what only amounts to power struggles & hatrid, and besides I think I've earned that respect....Now I'm stepping off my soap box,before you all throw rotten fruit or something worse my way .

 but take into account I'm still just simply being me here.....




Another Starseed tale I'm putting out there that reflects what I'm on about..I may push a few buttons here & there in these Ning websites,just people not getting the full picture really...but I'm true to self always & you know where you stand with me,I do have a open heart space and I do care for people in general,plus its part of my job these days anyway... so I'm kinda like thinking 'Oh well as if it hasn't happened before this week here we go again!'.....

But back when I was at high school we called them 'Wan-a-be's' or 'Cling Ons'... Today you might call them something else I have no idea labels change over the years....But those were people who so desperately wanted to be liked and popular that they inadvertently crossed the line and ended up becoming one dimensional which is so annoying to everyone. I've actually always had a kind a soft spot in my heart for them regardless ...as to me,it seemed like their only crime
was really trying too damn hard and I couldn't bring myself to publicly shun someone for being a little weak & naive.

Often times I'd reach out to them even, hoping that my guidance would 'Cool Them Up' with some self confidence at least a little bit.


Like when I was at High school my classmate Malcolm became my full fledged project he is that tale.

Malcolm was widely despised by everyone despite his innate niceness,he was the type of boy who never really talked about himself. If you asked him what his favourite food was for instance he'd say "What's your favourite food?" If you answered "Pizza" he'd say "Oh that's my favourite food,cool"  If you asked him what he liked to do for fun,he'd ask "What do you do for fun?" If you answered you liked motor sport, he'd say "Wow really,that's exactly what I like to do too" though he wouldn't know the difference between the brake or a clutch on a motor bike.
or never mind that you always saw him eating a peanut butter sandwich's every lunchtime or that you witnessed him hurling a Soccor ball over a Volly ball net,he loved what you loved 100% of the time.You had millions of things in common.You were destined to be best friends yeah right!!.

He drove me crazy to be honest,but I was determined to help him. One day we had the following conversation. "Malcolm what's your favourite colour?" I asked "What's your favourite colour"he replied "I'll tell you after you tell me what yours is"(at this point he looked terror struck) "Um,hurr,awhh Blue?" he replied.
"Cool,mine is green". "Green is my favourite too". he said. "No its not,You said you liked Blue" I reminded him.
"But I changed my mind'now I like Green". "Malcolm,have you ever seen me carry round a mirror?" I asked him. (His terror turned to abject confusion) "What", he replied.
"Do I carry round a mirror? Do I look in the mirror all day long?" I asked him. "No I don't think so?".
"Do you want to know why I don't?" I added "Why" he asked.
"Because I don't want to be friends with myself. I want to be friends with you" I said..

"What do you mean" was his answer.

"Well I want to know things that you like,I want to hear the things that you think,If I wanted my own opinions echoed back at me all day long I'd just start talking to a mirror aye"

"But I like all the things you like!" he said

He cried and because I felt guilty for handling the situation all wrong,I started avoiding him in school.Eventually he latched onto someone else, and I learned that you cant change people who are so insecure.so asleep,or so weak willed and or cowardly,they are going to stay that way until they get sick of looking at themselves in that mirror.


Self-Reflection: Should You Look Yourself in the Mirror? - Workr Beeing | The Science Of Thriving Workplaces

I look around the world today and I've noticed that it is full of people like Malcolm,its like everyone has been playing nicey-nice with each other way too long. No one wants to accidentally offend anyone. We're all so open and accepting of everyone's thoughts and feelings (even the friggin dumb ones) and there are no stupid questions really,we share,we encourage,we sugar coat,we are tactful and we are pleasant...but Blah!... And after a day of this we go home make ourselves a coffee and wonder why no one really knows us.

We wonder why we never feel really close to our friends and we speculate on how its possible to live one third of our lives without bonding or connecting with anyone

In the midst of so many superficial friendships we are amazed by the fact that we can feel so alone. If your young,all you have to do is go heavy on the mascara and start cutting yourself to feel alive these days I hear this all the time.
If your'e in your 30's+ group and or a parent the click thing to do is live precariously through your children, if your male and a hard worker & or a sportsman.. a few beers down the pub with the boys after work or a game and some dirty man talk makes you feel like your a real man & its considered as totally ok,..well its been like this for years in New Zealand anywayz.....All these types of methods are equally pathetic to me when I think them over.


Craft beer and breweries in Auckland | 100% Pure New Zealand

These days,my friend 'Kreg the Terrible' as I call him is my only real long time true friend out of the 10 odd others & acquaintances,I roll between...

We are polar opposites in every way... Kreg has been raised a Christian,although he's not a practicing one,were as I'm a eclectic humanitarian spiritualist. I couldn't give a hoot about any Religion,as I'm pretty sure if the invisible entity God they often talk about & bow down to isn't truly dead,then he's pretty damn rotten looking right now,yet people still believe in that stuff.

I'm very social as a person.. I have no qualms to strike up a general conversation with a homeless dude on the streets per se,..Kreg my bro on the other hand would cringe when strangers asked me how my day was going,he would often wish my toughness would rub off on him and I wish a little of his Light heart would rub off on me at equal times,but just not too much lol.

I guess where I'm going with this is... that the reason our friendship works is because we are so different as people. Our conversations are colourful and interesting because we so often beg to disagree. We can create these conversations from differing view points which keeps our talks flowing..we bounce off of each others words and its never ending really [theres none of those dreaded silent moments with us]....e.g Like when Kreg muses that Suddam Hussan's death was a tragedy. I'd roll my eyes and insist that it wasn't a tragedy at all it was 'Justice' as he was a evil man.

Stupid people who cause catastrophic horrors on society deserve to leave this planet and be sent back to soul school to learn a few hard lesson's. That's Darwinism at work!.... Kreg would laugh and remind me of the bible,and how it helped his family out of trouble times....I'd still say Blah to it all including this bible stuff lol.. its filled with heaps of lies that brainwash you I kept telling him...The end result is that we learn a little something about each other and even more importantly we learn something about ourselves at the same time.

Self love is easy. Learning to love,respect and admire someone different from you takes a bit more work. Furthermore. I can't think of a more freeing feeling than being completely open,honest,and raw with someone and knowing that they will still call back the next day. I guess it's no secret that I like to get up peoples nose hairs with my forthright opinions [ I'm a warrior spirit after all plus it's part of my personality its a gift to all in my opinion to wake people up] at times in a cyber world where tact is king and we shy away from certain subjects as not to alienate our readers,I take a purposeful inflammatory tone to get people to really think.

I like to make people think.. because it isn't until you're peeved off a little that I get to learn how you really feel about certain subjects...Who you are as a person... However briefly your anger or objection allows me to take a little peak into your soul to the real you, to see what you can handle or if your too sensitive and overly sheltered or if your just too ego driven for my liking.

Sometimes I even learn a little about myself when I read those passionately pounded out rebuttals.

Seriously though you people do yourselves a vast disservice by always playing nice fluffy clouds on so many things.

When you spend your life me-tooing your peers you cease to become an individual with your own thoughts and feelings and turn into a mirror in some moron's pocket... oooh that sounds tough but its the truth...

The Blogging community (Group forums on Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,Discord & all these spiritual Ning websites) are the biggest offender in this department,they used to be  places to talk with family,now its a place for idiotic morons all in competition with each other in full on attack influencer mode, of look at me look at me!...

don't any of you realise that when you continually censor yourselves the end result is that people quit reading what you have to say? Sure you might get X amount of hits a day but the only reason people are visiting is because they want to make sure that you are still reading 'their' comments,still baiting you,still trolling you etc..facebook is the nightmare of nightmares to many for this kind of behaviour...
I guarantee also that you are not enthralling the public with 'a methodical recounting of your day including a trip to Gymboree, how cutie cute your precious puddy cat is and a saga revolving around 'morning burnt toast' or how many nappies you changed on your toddler (gag me please!) Too much fluffy bunnies for my liking plus its so totally like one of those Spiritual Transmitted Diseases...you cant have nicey nice all day long its just not healthy..

Every once in a while I will read comments where someone gets really excited about the subject they are discussing I can tell by their word choices and tone [expressions to explain themselves] that I've stumbled into territory that really means something to them. Their words almost seem as if they're on fire and they're taking me with them,flying high yeah yay here we go I like this...I'm still excited to be reading, because they're close to waking up a sleeping part of my mind,they're close to forcing me out of my comfort zone,they're so friggin close to inspiring me towards mental applause and jubilation or towards outright fury of yelling Yeah!! good on yah!.....

Then all of a sudden they pull the punch like pulling a plug out of a power socket in the wall durhhhhhhhhhh....they reel the passion in,they go back to playing nicey nicey fluffy bunnies again,damn!!.

That point that they were just about to make, it never comes and I the excited reader am left to glare at the screen and wonder to myself  'who was it?' which one of these sod's or admins was this writer afraid of offending & being suspended from the website?  ..like who stole that persons real voice?

Stuff all of that, if you don't have the guts to step outside your comfort zones you never grow,evolve and change as a person. You stay stuck in a rutt in other words..

If being well liked is more important than being yourself then you will never say anything of value and you will never have true friends,if you don't have the balls to be hated,then really do you deserve to be loved,this is my own opinion mind you when I say this..


There is a general rule of thumb which states in simplified terms, 'People like, people like us'.

This statement is true and it is a double-edged sword in it's own might and right. As exemplified (in the example of the mirror) - the true self is different from the image in the mirror. Paradoxically, the mirror image is the exact opposite of what you see. Your right is projected as left and vice versa. 

The same is true in the psychological sense also. One can either like the 'Self' or the 'Image' or not like either or both. Human relations are much more complex than that. If one individual perception can differ according to the complexities of the individual moods, how much more difficult can it become when dealing with other radically different individuals who carry their own perceptions of the self and the opposing self image (which is the opposite). 

Everyday, in our encounters with people we confront ourselves and the multitude of individuals dimensions of each one of us. That is not a happy scenario though. One that we have to face and move on regardless.

Hate is a singular dimensional word similar to love. We tend to say, I love you; I love ice-cream; I love soda; I love movies and the same can be replaced with the word hate, and yet not many people would bother what you think or feel. 

Words are different from feelings though. When you really feel LOVE - you cannot hate anything. All around you will be a part of that LOVE. 

'Bird's of the same feather do flock together' and probably that is the reason why we folks are chatting on a forum like this in this site.

You or I probably would not be able to do so in a forum for movie buffs,as I dont get in them. Respect and Integrity are important tools to embellish oneself with. The right to choose or beg to differ rests with the individual soul. 

Not all of us would have raised such a discussion as eloquently and soulfully as I have done maybe. As I like to say and have often said - "Blow your own trumpets; else you'll end up playing second fiddle".





So people how do you feel about the world with people like this in it? and What do you think about the people in it should they think like I do? What makes you happy? What makes you angry? Do you ever feel hopeless? What do you hate and what do you love? Do you really give a sht at the end of the day? Please, don't reflect my own opinions back at me,and be real, be yourselves,be true to self.....

And If I cant have an opinion with freedom of speech & optimism without being judged or a label of arrogant or ego driven or an asshole placed on me for finding my own voice then I'm just being treated like nothing more than a slave to one thing I'm so against and we all know who that is,the dreaded sick minded power mungers!....

Think I've ranted enough I'm stepping off my soap box again now,before I get booted out of here myself,which again I'm so used to these days cos people cant accept these truths..Blah!...gees wheres my tinfoil hat!




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