You Hear Me Now

should you ever o my darling
hear that i am forever gone
do not be vainly pondering
that you will miss our liaison

for upon you i lay no blame
not knowing who i'd come to be
when before you i make the claim
never will you truly miss me

unsettled by futures unclear
withheld by self-worth glaucoma
encircled by vultures of fear
brooded over childhood trauma

peering beyond self-sabotage
commonplaces and convention
is the end goal only mirage
figment of imagination

experiences recurring
will the lesson ever be learned
is cyclic healing occurring
will the sound me ever be earned

restricted by the rules of men
and harnessed by the hands of fate
never skating time and again
fully free from that figure-eight

somebody else i must have been
all this time i could not be me
whose whole story was just a scene
of mistaken identity

so if i state o my darling
that you'll never truly miss me
don't resent me for the saying
nor do refuse its verity

but trust that time delivers cures
that diseased eyes can come to see
that it was through no fault of yours
that never was i fully me


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