A white Buffalo has been born 4/25/24 in Kansas. For those who don't know the prophecy of the White Buffalo Woman, it is the most significant prophecy of the Lakota people, others like Comanche and Navajo also see it as a sign of things changing in the world and better times coming. Even the National Bison Association says that it is indeed a rare event, about 1 in ten million chance.
A symbol of Hope, and honoring that which is sacred, this is a reminder to Pray and remember your relationship with the Creator, just as the White Buffalo Woman taught the Lakota people to pray with the 7 sacred ceremonies over 19 generations ago. And if the prophecy is true, many major changes this year will lead us to a better relationship with the Earth, with each other and with the Great Spirit in the sky!

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  • Thank you! I believe and I a, hoping for the miracle to be manifest! 

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