I just had the most wonderful walk around my village and saw the countryside was carpeted was snowdrops. Of course, being me I then came home to research this wee flower. I was surprised at the difference in the lore for this simple flower, a bringer of hope and death! I discovered a German tale...

At the beginning of time, when all things came to life, the snow sought a colour to wear. The beautiful, colourful, bright flowers were much admired, yet they guarded their colours. They turned their back on the snow, too selfish and jealous to share with the snow. But one tiny and humble flower, the snowdrop, took pity on the snow. This kind flower offered to share its colour. The snow was so grateful for this kindness, gratefully accepting it. Snow became white forevermore, just like the little snowdrop.

As thanks to the snowdrop for its kindness, the snow offered the tiny flower protection to appear in winter, allowing it to be impervious to the snow and ice. From then on, the snow and snowdrop could be found, side by side, best of friends.
The flip side of this beautiful wee plant is rather different, though! It is also known as an omen of death. In Victorian Britain, it was believed that you should never take a snowdrop into a home, or death would surely follow. Many claimed that the snowdrop brought into their home also brought their widowhood.

Whatever you believe, this wee flower is a sure sign that the darkest moments of winter have passed, and spring is on her way.


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