Basic Ritual Structure for Esbat

                                                      Moon Ceremony  

                                           Some people do not use the Quarters during full moon rituals

Supplies: Alter and set up “candles for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.” The candles would represent the Four Quarters “East, South, West, and North.”

Tools: bowl for healing water, a bowl for the salt, cauldron for the incense, and the athame.

Step  1. Cleanse the ritual space by carrying the representation of the four elements around the area in a Deosil movement, working with one element at a time.

Step  2. Open alter energies with the blessings of the four elements.

Step  3. Light the illuminator candles.

Step  4. Cast the Circle in a desoil method.

Step  5. Light the quarter candles and call the quarters.

Step  6. Invoke the deity.

Step  7. State intent of the ritual out loud.

Step  8. Draw down the Moon (if this is a full moon Esbat.

Step  9. Perform the magickal work, which may include drawing and raising energy, then sealing the spell work.

Step 10. Take communion.

Step 11. Thank deity, thank the quarters, release, and extinguish quarter candles.

Step 12. Release the magick circle (widdershins.) Seal alter energies, extinguish illuminator candles.

Step 13. Clean up and offer libation bowl.


 If you are working magick, again state your purpose, and then slowly raise your hands toward the moon. Your palms or fingers may tingle or grow warm.
Allow the energy of the moon, as the representative of the divine and sacred Goddess, to fill your body with white light. Imagine the light coming in through your fingertips and flowing into your body, filling every fiber of your being with divine energy. Let your mind touch the primordial matter (new moon) or golden power (full moon) and silently make your request again.
Once you have a strong grip on this feeling, you can begin to chant or sing.

When you are finished, slowly lower your arms. By raising your arms and then lowering them, you are physically acting out a part of the Alchemical process. (As above, so below.)

As your arms lower you are bringing your request into existence on Earth.

Ground and center.

Release the Quarters and the circle.

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