Dear friends it’s time to deeply feel and understand, that’s heart and mind together to unite each other beyond our belief system. We each see different things according to our experience, perception, readings, cultural background, fears, hopes. Politicians will certainly work diligently to make us feel that we’re socially different, that we belong to a group, an antagonistic collective, but if we search deeply we know we can have common ground in so many things. The racial, gender, economic, differences exist but it isn’t what separate us, it can only gives us a positive vision of what each individual chooses to live and the richness of our human history.

We each have to do so much healing of our past lives and past memories to overcome our own feelings of pain, abandonment, neglect, when not anger, envy, depression, insecurities, fears, inflicted pain in our own upbringing but there’s is a place in our hearts and minds that we have made peace with all of that because we inherited so much hardship from our ancestors, no matter the role they played, they paved the way for us to our self liberation.

Our differences should be accepted, we know that we can’t agree with everyone on everything but we all can enjoy the smile of a baby, the loving presence of our pets, the beauty of a sunset, the joy of laughter, that’s who we’re. Let’s not get stucked in what politics and politicians live from, remember their salaries and investments are settled in that polarization. We are here now, we are free to choose how to live our lives, we’re here to shine our divine presence, We are love


Maria, la luz de este día


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