Let your Grace erase



Let your Grace erase.

All beings are filled with Universal Grace. That connection and protection of Source. Many times humans wonder about that importance of being.

Being one with yourself and with others is aligning. Bringing one closer to "All there is" but one usually stops dead in their tracks when they realize they will have to give up many people, things and ideas to allow that energy to flow.

Some will refuse to give up, others will roll over and submit. By using Grace one can change their world. Grace has many forms. The grace of understanding, the grace of knowledge, the grace of substance. Knowing your grace can erase all doubts one may feel.

What exactly is a Grace?

A grace is an understanding or a feeling. Not a predominant feeling. But a softer easier to flow feeling. A feeling that changes as you rise in Grace. It's that flow of protection and connection. It's a Universal energy and feeling.

Why is Grace not already there?

Grace is in place in every being. But many are never taught to find it. Grace is the greater flow to one's purpose. It is alive and well within all beings. It takes time to absorb and understand that Grace is the Healing feeling all souls need.

Grace can erase all fears, by believing in better, better arrives. By understanding grace can erase guilt, remorse and anger. Grace is an emotional stabilizer. It helps one to balance emotions.

When one asks for help, it's Grace that readies that action, it's Grace that allows that flow of reaction. It's Grace that calms one's mind. The loving graceful healing energy sends one's needs into the universe.

So in other words, it's Grace what turns human emotions into Universal vibrations. It's that transference of thoughts into healing energy.

Grace can erase and replace most lower emotions. When one worries, Grace brings comfort. When one is angry, Grace brings calm.

So how does one face and embrace their Grace? By knowing it is there. By accepting at will one wants to replace that lower energy. And by seeking and speaking heartfelt words of healing allows one's Grace to flow.

One can simply state, "I allow change in my heart and soul about this issue" and knowing that grace will replace that feeling with a new more radiant feeling or healing.

As one grows in Grace, they glow in Grace. You can see it in one's eyes and on one's face. They radiate Grace. They just seem to know and have the right words to help. That's their being and their meaning.

Allow oneself to accept that healing Grace. The Universal energy to erase.amd replace all that is not strong within you. Allow that energy to renew that connection to one's true self.

To begin, just pray. Ask to have one's worries taken away. And embrace your Grace.

Love to all, Gemini

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