Why "Moondance" exists !


"I love science.
I also love the concept of magic.
I don't find that these ideas conflict.
Fact and magic go together like sound and song,
like ink and poetry,
like truth and metaphor.
A good metaphor does not destroy the truth.
It brings it home to a human context.

For me, magic is about meaning.
An interpretive act.
An intentional cultivation of awe and gratitude.
Understanding the physics of a heron's flight is lovely and enriching,
so too is contemplating the subtleties of why seeing a gliding heron transforms a moment into a poem.

There are two paths to magic: imagination and paying attention. Imagination is the fiction we love, the truths built of falsehoods. Paying attention is about intentional noticing. The geometry of a beehive. The perfect slowness of a vulture. The feel of life inside a tree.

Magic requires our intention, our choice to participate. We must choose to meet it halfway. And when we do, we often find that magic isn’t a dismissal of what is real. It’s a synthesis of it, the nectar of fact becoming the honey of meaning. A nod to the unquantifiable."


~ Jarod K Anderson

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And that's why I created "Moondance".

Much Love and Gratitude, Eva

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  • Without magic, without dreams, we cannot live.
    "A life is not enough to be lived. It needs to be dreamed."
    Mario Quintana

  • Thank you Eva for everything that you do! I appreciate it a lot! 

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