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The donkey said to the tiger:

- "The grass is blue".

The tiger replied:

- "No, the grass is green."

The discussion heated up, and the two decided to submit him to arbitration, and for this they went before the lion, the King of the Jungle.

Already before

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The sacred moon lodges



"For many generations First Nations women had their own lodges, societies, and ceremonies. These women are celebrating the erection of the sacred moon lodge. The moon lodge was a place where women on their moon time retreated to pray and connect wit

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The Aboriginal Sunrise Ceremonies



The Aboriginal Sunrise Ceremonies are very special to our people. It starts when the sky is black, beautiful black. When the sun’s yellow circle arrives, it turns the sky red. This is why the Aboriginal flag is half red, half black with a yellow cir

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Elfin into the world



"The more we manifest as elves expressing Elfin into the world, the stronger Elfin becomes; the stronger Elfin becomes the more potent we become as elves in a never-ending spiral of mutual appreciation, encouragement and empowerment."

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