Northern Lights for Strings and Winds [Upcoming Releases]

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🚶 although 2022 has been very quiet for me on the recording and production fronts, i'm happy to report that i've passed the 300 compositions milestone over the course of last summer. since around mid-april, i have written and demoed a little over 2 hours of new music, and developed, rearranged, remixed, or reorchestrated another 2 hours of already existing material. while i would prefer that progress be achieved in terms of actual releases, it seems that the process continues nonetheless to unfold nicely.

🎻 here's « Northern Lights, » a work in progress that's mostly complete, though it still needs some tweaks here and there. originally written for solo acoustic guitar around the end of 2012, it eventually became a prog rock instrumental starting in january 2015. then, in september 2022, i reorchestrated for strings and winds.

🎥 more details about the piece, including instrumentation, are available via the video description on YouTube.

☀️ i hope you enjoy the music !


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