Spirit is Calling - Olivia Rosebery

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A medicine song from the deep waters, that encapsulates and requires a moment to drop into the deep listening of Dadirri. This word from the Ngan'gikurunggurr language group from the Northern Territory of Australia embodies the spiritual practise of deep listening to the land within and without; To become the witness and recognise the powerful resilience and interconnection that is inherent in us all. Spirit is calling revels in the awakening to our greatest suffering as our greatest gift.

The Spirit is Calling music clip created in collaboration with eco-warrior and videographer Paul Daley, A Lush Forest ME D I A, is a breathe-taking cinematic vision of the northern rivers landscape of Australia.

The atmospheric and delicate ambience of the piano, with the beating ceremonial drum and haunting flute melodies swell like waves as Olivia's deep resonant voice stirs you within. Stormy seas and timeless footsteps sweep across a windswept beach, ancestral clouds, ancient whales and eagles a-flight, stir visions of an oracle.

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