Breathe, breathe, breathe...



Life is a sacred gift. Every day is a blessing to be cherished. Every moment is a miracle to behold.
Only when we stop worrying about the “what ifs” are we capable of appreciating what is. Allow yourself to be fully present. Forgive the yesterdays. Forget the tomorrows. Focus on the now.

~ Robin Leigh Vella

Breathe, breathe, breathe...

Lose the illusion of time to live the reality of the infinite now, where there is no such thing as yesterday and no such thing as tomorrow. For there are no watches or wall clocks, Here, nothing to distract you from fully experiencing the present, and all the sacred gifts it holds. There are no man-made, time-related limitations to contend with, Here—no hours, no days, no weeks, no months, no years... nothing to trick your mind into believing that time is running out or passing you by. Because, Here, in the uninterrupted flow of what is, is where miracles unfold in real time.

Open your heart to the spirit of The Present, for the time for miracles is now.

How do we stretch this “thing” we call time? We make the most of every single moment we are given. We make the conscious choice to focus only on the miracle that is unfolding right in front of us. We do not waste a single second worrying about the “what ifs”... Life is too precious, too magical, too short... We make time to expand our mind. We make time to express our spirit. We make time to feed our soul. We make time to take care of our body... We make time for the ones we LOVE. We make time for the things we LOVE. We make time for rest. We make time for play. We make time to pray....

We live life to its fullest by making every single moment, matter. We stop worrying about what time it is, to start celebrating the time we have.

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