Never Too Late for Love



Never Too Late for Love


Regardless of age and past experience, it’s never too late for love. The attraction between man and woman is divine and never changes as an imperative for spiritual union. What does change as people get older, or have experienced harsh lessons in their personal relationships, is the accumulation of past. Nevertheless, the integrity of life will not let anyone rest in peace for long, no matter how deep the hurts and disappointments have caused someone to turn their back on love.

Many men and women become comfortable being on their own, and the prospect of a partner who could upset their daily routine is unacceptable. It may be convenient living like that, but there will be a void in the life that is sometimes registered as feelings of loneliness and despair. When a woman is devoted to a man who later leaves her or dies, the feeling is often that she’ll never be able to love another with the same intimacy again. This happens even in younger women, who often question whether they will ever find love again.

It’s quite common for an older woman to project her love exclusively onto family members, such as grandchildren, and live their lives vicariously through them. This usually diminishes the possibility to enter a new relationship, since the attachment becomes a substitute for the love of man. Maturity in age brings a certain worldly wisdom but, sadly, not necessarily in the areas of life so desperately needed. The wisdom of love is vitally important, particularly for children today who are so easily damaged psychologically by exposure to pornographic material before they reach puberty. Anyone who dismisses the possibility of romance in the life has forfeited the opportunity to give something back to love. People love so many things, but only a man or woman can declare that someone doesn’t love them enough to bring them to a deeper realisation of love’s purpose.

However, love is not just made in the sexual act, but in everyday life through being receptive and psychically open to the moment. It’s a beautiful sensation to be held by another body and to feel the nourishment of masculine strength or feminine mystery; this communicates more than the physical feeling in someone sensitive to their own inner nature. Although a woman has to be forever vigilant, she can sometimes be overly suspicious of a man’s intentions and miss the opportunity to enjoy his company. Attraction to another or the enjoyment of someone’s presence needn’t go any further, unless it does.

It can be wonderful and edifying of the consciousness when a mature woman draws to herself a younger man and is able to impart her wisdom in love. As long as she has no expectation that he will be with her for life, the union can be spiritually enriching for them both. Such a woman serves the great impersonal movement of love through her devotion to God, which she has realised as the formless lover within the being. Although the man may later leave, if he is worthy he will be changed in some way through the benediction of her love. He would then, in future relationships, be able to demonstrate a finer and less selfish way of loving than would have been possible before.

Man, unless his life has been deeply transformed, knows little about love – he only thinks he does. Woman is his only hope of salvation since only she can penetrate his resistance to giving all in love. This is his independence, which he identifies as the freedom to do what he wants without being held to account by anyone. When a man begins to awaken to the impersonal love of his inner being, he is able to dissolve this last vestige of his sexual self. Both man and woman desire, more than life itself, to be united with each other. It’s never too late for love since, irrespective of appearances, a woman’s eternal essence never ages; and man’s nobility is the timeless portion of his being that recognises ‘She’, the mystery behind the form.


Extract from e-book:  'Making Love Real'

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