Wicca and modern witchcraft: a history

Wicca is a specific religious belief system that firmly has its roots in 1940s England. Claire Slack reveals how a new magical movement flourished in the 20th century


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    Secrets are dark things.

    They don’t exist in the light.

    They glow faintly in forgotten corners, in mysterious mind-nooks.

    In lost memory maps.

    Secrets are the shadows of the soul.

    ~ Sukanya Venkatraghavan


  • Tis The Time of Jölföòr, Woden the Yule Father - Blessings to All


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    Gradually Yuletide was extended to span a full 12 days and nights, blending several other traditions. The 12 days between the winter solstice and the beginning of the next solar year were considered a sacred period, belonging neither to the old year nor the new year.


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  • Very nice Arachnifauna 

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Wiccan Magic

Wicca is a new religious movement, dating back to the first half of the 20th century, that can be classified as neopaganism. It sees itself as a newly designed, nature-loving spirituality and as a mystery religion.