Celtic mythology is the collection of stories and folklore from various ancient Celtic cultures like the Irish, the Welsh, and the Gauls. Many of these myths were suppressed by Roman conquerors, with their first widespread recordings dating from the early medieval period.

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The Cailleach

    Winter is thick on the ground today, and I've been thinking about the Queen of Winter herself ..the Cailleach. She is credited with making numerous mountains and large hills, which are said to have been formed when she was striding across the…

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    The hare is an animal important in Celtic belief with the Easter Bunny being derived from the hare. In the Celtic world eggs are also an ancient symbol of life force. It is said by some that ancient Celts rolled eggs downhill at Beltane, in what is thought to be an imitation of the movement of the sun.3 Apr 2021

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    At each solstice, two kings engage in battle for dominance over the world & for the favor of the Great Goddess. The Holly King rules until the Winter Solstice & its slain during this day marks the rebirth of the Oak King (or Sun King) & a time of new beginnings.


  • Tis The Time of Jölföòr, Woden the Yule Father - Blessings to All


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  • great group EVA 

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