Animals are just like us, they want to be happy! Michael John Smith

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My vegan story - an interview with Slovenian animal rights project Zgodbe veganov (local) Vegan Stories.

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  • Nice video Michael ...I also hear animals they talk to me in my head telepathically,people have said I reflect that outwardly like a animal whisperer of sorts, though I dont claim to be one, I just show them all love & respect and I get it back in full return,all animals even wild animals feel safe & content around me people say I must have put a spell on them lol... .Yet they are just like us in many ways,but they also have their own ways of seeing life that is similar and yet different to ours in so many ways at the same time too...

    Some domesticated versions need us as much as we need them, animals exist with a nurturing intent just like us as we are nurturers so their connection to us makes us feel better inside ourselves & they do too just as much as we do,as they are sentient beings after all.

    Kiro & Orik brothers yet from 'another mudda & fadda' I couldnt say 'th' when I was a child and thats how it came out and has stuck..


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