Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere ~ Takurua A Mere

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Sacred Screen WebTV is pleased to present a very special engagement with Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere - this time at her home in Lake Waikaremoana, to celebrate the heliacal rise of Sirius, the traditional Maori new year (1.1.2016), as well as her sacred birth time.

"Nga Potiki and Nga Uri - A - Maui our ancient ancestors were Peacekeepers, Vegetarian, and believed in the ONENESS of everything that exists.

They traversed the Galactic Circle on a regular basis, like some of us their descendants. The Egyptians are our Patriarchal Right side and we are their Left side, we are ONE.

We both celebrate the “Takurua-A-Mere / Sirius” New Year.

We both link into “RA / the SUN!” On a spiritual level we acknowledge we are ONE with the CENTRAL SUN. We are ahead of the Gregorian Calendar, so that July 26th 2015, will be our 1st.

Those of you who have joined us in the past, can help me host these people who have been invited to us for the first time.

Ka nui te aroha ki a koutou katoa...aku Rangatira, a Ngati Ra" Na Te Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi..

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