Remem_ering Pa ( Jazz Original )

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Namaste,“Remem_ ering Pa ” ( Jazz Original )

Composer : Dr. Len Anderson - U.S.A

Fire Dance : Thara Jana - Switzerland

Flute & video : FluuteFreedom – India

Story : This Jazz track was written & composed by Dr.Len Anderson, specially for me. While I was learning this song my Father passed away
I dedicate this song to my Father as a prayer wishing his “Soul attains Moksha “
Dr. Len advised me to rechristen the song as “ Remem _ ering Pa”

Dr. Len Anderson - U.S.A, : He is my Guru & mentor I thank him for advising & guiding me all along
Dr. Len Introduction : Leonard Anderson is a retired American educator and musician. Anderson enjoys recording the music He has recorded over 10,000 pieces for flutes, clarinets and saxes. Anderson plays all parts on quartet music and is referred to as "the one man quartet". Web page
if you choose to know about him use either the site.... .....or his YOUTUBE video site.... / lgdsanderson

Richard Stoker : Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music - Associate of the Royal College of Music LONDON - UK (Composer, Conductor, Actor, Author, Artist). He composed more than 11 songs just for me, as he was fascinated by the sound of the Bamboo flute. Ten of them have been made into music videos.

To our deepest regret, he passed away on 24 March 2021 at the age of 82. Let his soul Rest in Peace, his memories shall remain. I shall always be grateful to him.

I am very thankful to both of them for their support & encouragement, I am where I am due to them.

Fire Dance by Ms Thara Jana - Switzerland, She is now enjoying her gap year and her first travel trough south-India, during travelling she believes that it is all ways nice to have something to practice on. In her case it‘s Fire dancing.

But it is not just a hobby for her but also kind of a movement meditation. So it helps her a lot to still her mind and enjoy the present.

Please enjoy the video on big screen with headphones or home theatre and please subscribe to my youtube channel & share with your friends.


Love & Peace


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    Dear Vinod. I just read that you have now lost your father too. I wish you strength and comfort to overcome your pain. May your father and mother rest in peace.

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